LOOK AHEAD: charting a 40 year journey

Our team has been a long-standing admirer of the work of Look Ahead Care and Support, a housing association that provides specialist care and support to people with a variety of needs across London and the south-east.



We were initially commissioned to deliver marketing communications support, providing inspiring design and copywriting services across its suite of marketing materials. In 2014, when Look Ahead celebrated its 40th anniversary, we were asked to produce a special annual review showing not only what the organisation had achieved during the past year, but also charting Look Ahead’s journey from its core housing and homelessness services into new and bespoke services that reflect the changing landscape of support, care and housing. The annual review for 2014 also needed to look and feel different from the previous years, which had followed a series of journal styles.



We explored a range of sizes, shapes, paper stocks and finishes to see which would set the annual review apart. The result was a square shaped publication that incorporated a smaller sized stock inserted within the report in a bright golden yellow.¬†This was ideal for pulling out specific information from case studies, statistics and pull quotes. The variation in stock and size, as well as its uncoated finish, gave the publication a premium feel and helped to emphasise the celebratory nature of the publication. Vibrant photography of customers and services, using fantastic location settings, emphasised Look Ahead’s strong commitment to people within their different communities.

Design, Editorial