ARCQ: launch event recognising that it’s differences that shape us

arcQ supports young people to discover their own path and fulfil their potential. They work with young people, their families and community organisations to identify their learning preferences, discover their passions and build an exciting path to their future




The Fable Bureau was tasked with launching arcQ’s new venture – an organisation with a unique way of approaching learning and education that recognises differences, challenges assumptions, and guides young people in accessing the opportunities around them.

The first stage of launch was to be an event to raise awareness and encourage new donors – and this had to take place before the Christmas period which was just six weeks away.




We knew that in order to launch arcQ to the public – they had to understand who they were and what they were doing. We distilled their 30 page methodology into digestible messaging which allowed us to then develop all the requirements for launch.


Our filmmaker created an 8 minute documentary-style film which followed one of their service users in his daily life, to be shown at the event and carved up into three 30 second clips for social media.


We built a website that helped to tell the arcQ story in a simple but engaging way.


We developed marketing collateral for the event including an invite, business cards, explanatory brochure and banners.


We were pivotal in the event management, from invitations and guestlist, to logistics and the structure of the evening. The event took place at The Shard with over 70 of arcQ’s key audience in attendance, facilitating a number of conversations with potential donors and officially launching arcQ’s vision, allowing them to progress the work they are doing.