CARDINAL HUME CENTRE: a concert to pay tribute and raise funds

The Cardinal Hume Centre enables people to gain skills they need to overcome poverty and homelessness



When the former Chair of Trustees of the Cardinal Hume Centre, Paul Goggins MP, died suddenly in 2014, friends of the charity decided they would pay tribute to him by putting on a major concert with a professional choir and orchestra in St John’s Smith Square, a beautiful church around the corner from the Centre in Westminster, and one of London’s premier concert venues. We were asked to put together the programme for the evening – and also to help raise funds for the event.



Our design and account management team dedicated a significant number of days, on a pro bono basis, to designing and editing the concert programme. We also secured generous sponsorship for the event from our long-term client CCLA, a major fund manager for charities and churches. As part of this, not only did we include the details of the music (Mozart’s Requiem) and performers in the programme – but we secured exclusive articles from Andy Burnham MP, a long-time friend of Paul Goggins, alongside articles by the CEOs of CCLA and of the Cardinal Hume Centre, looking at the role and responsibility of the City in supporting charities.

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