YARN IN THE CITY: a guide for crafters and explorers alike

Yarn in the City was founded in early 2013 and celebrates the yarn-loving community of knitters and fibre enthusiasts in London and the UK by organising fun, knitting-centred events



In addition to sharing their love of knitting via the Yarn in the City blog and its events, Yarn in the City is also the organisation behind the Great London Yarn Crawl – an annual one-day tour of London’s finest yarn and haberdashery shops, raising money for charity. As the crawl has been so successful, a natural next step was to create a book that would include tips for craft-loving Londoners and visitors. We got involved to make this a reality.



With the abundance of craft-related shops in and around London, we needed to ensure the book worked as an easily accessible guide as well as for inspiration. We created clear sections of the book that highlighted themes such as yarn, haberdashery or day trips, and we also used colour coding to ensure the location was highlighted. Playful colours and inspiring photography helped to create a London craft guide that works equally well to guide you through the creative centres of London as it does to give you ideas for your next knitting project!