NEST: knitting shop gets new look

NEST is a successful high-street knitting and stitching shop, as well as one of London’s leading knitting and sewing schools



As the shop came under new ownership in 2015, we were asked to refresh the business’s brand. The business also required a website that showcased the retail products on offer, but also drew people in to explore and book up for the wide range of courses for adults and children.



After visiting the shop and the sewing school, our designers wanted to ensure that a visit to the website was as much like a real visit to the shop as possible. We commissioned a series of photographs to capture the inside and outside of the shop and its beautiful yarn and fabrics, as well as the activities going on in the workshop, with people of all ages enjoying themselves learning to knit, sew and crochet. We also ensured that the WordPress-based site was easy to view on mobiles and tablets, along with clear signposting to different areas and to sign up to the shop’s mailing list. In refreshing the brand, we introduced a bolder font and colour palette to create a more sophisticated look that would appeal to women and men of all ages and reflect the growing involvement in sewing and crafting across the Capital.