RECRUIT FOR SPOUSES: spreading the message through film

Recruit for Spouses is a social enterprise bringing together the military and business communities by helping spouses of the British Forces find employment



As part of Deloitte’s Social Innovation Pioneers Programme we met Recruit for Spouses as the organisation was looking at its options of promoting its business and impact to external stakeholders. The social enterprise needed a straightforward piece of marketing collateral that could be used both online as well as offline during presentations and it needed to explain the business as well as the societal benefits of Recruit for Spouses.



Together with Recruit for Spouses and the team at Deloitte we agreed that a short film, introducing the viewer to the social enterprise would be the best tool to tell its story. Our film team worked alongside the Recruit for Spouses CEO to establish what key messages the film would need to highlight and who would be best sharing them. We met with employers and employees across the UK that could all share success stories and the benefits of Recruit for Spouses’ work. Their stories were all put together to tell a consistent story of the great work of the social enterprise and the final film has been used extensively as a result.

''You produced an excellent promotional film for our business. You listened to what we needed and were able to relay our message clearly and simply, which was actually very difficult to do! Having a film that explains what we do in a factual as well as emotional way has been really useful to our business development and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone wishing to do the same.''

Heledd Kendrick, Founder & CEO, Recruit for Spouses