ALQUITY: telling stories of investment for good

Alquity was founded in 2010 to transform how people invest and to achieve great returns while creating a better, fairer world for all



Following a re-brand of the company and an expansion of the fund range to cover Asia, the Indian Subcontinent and Latin America in addition to the original Africa fund, Alquity wanted to build on the new brand and raise further awareness of its funds. We were asked to support Alquity in doing so, by providing editorial, film and design work.



Our editorial team worked closely with the Alquity team and its fund managers to explore their most inspiring stories – and used various communications channels to tell them through. We developed informative but light-hearted blog posts to show Alquity’s strong industry knowledge but in a way that helped them stand out as very different from the normal investment houses. Our work also included in-depth reports for market insights, campaign messaging for partners such as Richard Branson to use through their own channels, and informative award submissions that have led to winning an Investment Week social impact award and being shortlisted for a Guardian Sustainable Business Award. A highlight was when our film team travelled to Kenya with the Alquity team to meet some investees and charity partners, resulting in various engaging films telling Alquity’s story – you can see one of them below.