THE BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP: launching the Centre for Public Impact

The Boston Consulting Group is a diverse and global business consulting firm and has recently launched a not-for-profit foundation focused on policymakers seeking innovative, impactful solutions to public services around the globe



When launching its groundbreaking new foundation, the Centre for Public Impact, The Boston Consulting Group wanted a film to set the Centre’s vision – to tie in with the launch and that could be used as marketing collateral on the website.



The final film features several high profile policy thinkers in the public and political space from all around the world. We carried out shoots in locations such as Singapore, the US, and Australia as well as the UK. This was edited together with motion graphics to highlight key messages at appropriate moments in the film.

''Professionalism, creativity and quality – three words that sum up your agency's approach to a project. To partner with you is to rely on people in full command of their craft, who also possess that priceless knack of delivering on time, on budget and on target. The launch video they produced for us not only exceeded our expectations but also drew widespread praise from both within and beyond our organisation. It was a pleasure working with you and would not hesitate to recommend their services.''

Matt Mercer, Editor, Centre for Public Impact