BRITISH COUNCIL: sharing a vision across the world

The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities, working on the ground in six continents



The British Council supports social entrepreneurs and the social enterprise movement more widely through published research, training and partnerships, and is actively engaged in projects in 24 countries. Their social enterprise team asked us to help build their narrative, and articulate their vision and activity to a global audience.



We have been working closely with the British Council’s social enterprise team on a series of projects to build knowledge/insight into the shape and success of social enterprise in different countries, alongside a bank of stories that can be used to share the British Council’s vision across the world. In addition to a major piece of research interviewing networks, policymakers and individual social enterprises in seven countries, we have produced a series of films and editorial content – helping to promote it through a range of communications channels including digital and social media, and through a partnership with our own global social enterprise magazine, Pioneers Post. These include a film made up of interviews with key thinkers from the sector, outlining the role of social enterprise in the development of business, and how the British Council has supported growth in the sector. The interviewees explain why the social enterprise movement is gaining momentum and highlight the importance of collaboration.

“We have had a successful partnership with the team on a number of initiatives to support the development of social enterprise and greatly value the insights, access, and dynamism that they invariably bring to bear. Their staff are experienced, resourceful and knowledgeable – and very attentive to our needs.”

Dr Mairi Mackay, Global Lead Social Enterprise, British Council